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 THB  Duration
 Check-up and Consultation  300-500  1 Visit
 Full Mouth Cleaning and Polishing  1,000-2,000 (varying by the amount of tartar and stain)  1 Visit
 Cleaning with Air-Flow System  1,000  1 Visit

Fillings / Filling Replacement

 Composite Tooth-Colored/White Fillings  THB  Duration
 Tooth fillings (per surface)  1,000  1 Visit
 Safe Amalgam/Mercury Removal Procedure  THB   Duration 
 Rubber Dam  500 per sheet
(1 sheet per quadrant)
 1 Visit
 Oxygen Supply  500 per quadrant  1 Visit

Tooth Whitening

 THB  PROMOTION*  Duration
 Plasma Cool-light Tooth Whitening  10,000  7,500  1 Visit
 ZOOM2 Tooth Whitening  12,000  10,000  1 Visit

Important Information

  • As suggested by Zoom, Full 4 cycles of tooth whitening are performed for best results. No fewer cycles!
  • New whitening gel will be applied in each of those 4 cycles. No reuse of whitening gel!
  • We use whitening gel from authorized distributors only. No use of homemade gel!

Home Bleaching Kit

 THB  PROMOTION*  Duration
 Home Bleaching Trays (Upper+Lower)  3,000  2,500  1 Visit
 Home Bleaching Gel per Tube  600  500  1 Visit

Crowns / Bridges / Dentures

 Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crown (PFM)  THB  Warranty
 Porcelain Crowns & Bridges (Regular alloy)  9,000  -
 Porcelain Crowns & Bridges (Semi-precious alloy >2% gold)  13,000 warranty2years
 Porcelain Crowns & Bridges (Semi-precious alloy >54% gold)  18,000  warranty2years
 Porcelain Crowns & Bridges (High-precious alloy >85% gold)  20,000-25,000 (depending on size)  warranty2years
 Crown on Implant
Bridge Pontic
 All Porcelain Crown, All Ceramic Crown  THB  Warranty
 All Ceramic Crown (IPS Empress Esthetics)  14,000  -
 All Ceramic Crown (Procera, Cercon, Lava, Zirconia, emax )  18,000  warranty2years
 Dentures  THB  Duration
 Full Denture Acrylic Base (per arch)  25,000-30,000   7 Days
 Full Denture Metal Base (per arch)  30,000-35,000   7 Days
 Post/Pin  THB  Duration
 Core build-up  1,500-2,000  1 Visit
 Casting Post  4,000-5,000  1 Visit
 Resin/Fiber Post  4,000-5,000  1 Visit

Veneers (Composite or Porcelain)

 Composite Veneer  THB  Duration
 Composite Resin Veneer (Direct Bonding)  4,000-5,000  1 Visit
 Porcelain Veneer  THB  Warranty
 Porcelain Veneer (IPS Empress Esthetics)  11,000  -
 Porcelain Veneer (IPS Empress e.Max)  13,000  warranty2years

Inlay / Onlay

 THB  Duration
 Porcelain Inlay and Onlay  10,000-15,000  3-7 Days

Dental Implants

 Single Implant with Porcelain Crown  THB  Warranty
 BioHorizon Laser-Lok Implant System including  porcelain-gold crown  75,000
 ITI Straumann SLATM (ADA Approved) including porcelain-gold crown  80,000
 ITI Straumann Bone Level SLATM  including porcelain-gold crown  80,000
 ITI Straumann SLActiveTM   (20% more bone-implant contact) including  porcelain-gold crown  85,000
 ITI Straumann Bone Level SLActiveTM (20% more bone-implant contact)  including porcelain-gold crown  85,000
 ITI Straumann RoxolidTM including porcelain-gold crown  85,000
 2 Implants with 3-Unit Bridge  THB  Warranty
 BioHorizon Laser-Lok Implant System including porcelain bridge  160,000
 ITI Straumann SLATM  including porcelain bridge  180,000
 2 Implants with 4-Unit Bridge  THB  Warranty
 BioHorizon Laser-Lok Implant System including porcelain bridge  180,000
 ITI Straumann SLATM including porcelain bridge  200,000
 Full-Arch / Full-Jaw Reconstruction  THB  Warranty
4 Implants+Full-Arch Bridges
320,000 (High-Strength Composite Bridge) 420,000 (Porcelain Bridge) Immediate Loading for Composite Bridge
5 Implants+Full-Arch Bridges
400,000 (High-Strength Composite Bridge) 490,000 (Porcelain Bridge) Immediate Loading for Composite Bridge
6 Implants+Full-Arch Bridges
480,000 (High-Strength Composite Bridge) 580,000 (Porcelain Bridge) Immediate Loading for Composite Bridge
 Implants with Overdenture  THB  Warranty
 2 Implants+Bar+Overdenture  190,000
 2 Implants+Ball+Overdenture  190,000
 4 Implants+Bar+Overdenture  350,000
 4 Implants+Ball+Overdenture  350,000
   Zygomatic Implant System+Fixed Bridges  600,000-700,000 For Zygomatic Implant Procedure, the treatment will be operated in a hospital. The above prices do not include all hospitalization charges.

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

 THB  Duration
 Anterior/Incisor Tooth (Front tooth)  8,000  1-2 Visits
 Premolar Tooth  10,000  1-2 Visits
 Molar Tooth  12,000  1-2 Visits

Oral Surgery & Wisdom Tooth Extraction

 THB  Duration
 Simple/Surgical Tooth Extraction  1,000-2,000  1 Visit
 Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Simple)  3,000-5,000  1 Visit
 Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Complicated)  6,000-8,000  1 Visit

Periodontics (Gum Treatment)

 THB  Duration
 Root Planing (per quadrant)  2,000-2,500  1 Visit
 Crown Lengthening/Gummy Smile (depending on the number of teeth)  2,500-10,000  1 Visit
 Gum Recession/Long Tooth Smile (depending on the number of teeth)  2,500-10,000  1 Visit

Orthodontics (Braces)

 Metal Braces 50,000-70,000
 Ceramic Braces 80,000-100,000
 Speed Braces (Damon System) 120,000-160,000
 Lingual Braces/ STb Light System 150,000-180,000
 Retainers (each arch)  3,000

Dental for Kids

 THB  Duration
 Filling with Composite Resin or Amalgam  800-2,000  1 Visit
 Tooth Extraction  700-1,000  1 Visit
 Sealant (per tooth)  700  1 Visit
 Fluoride Application  600  1 Visit
 Prophylaxis and Fluoride Application  800-1,000  1 Visit
 Full Mouth Cleaning and Polishing  800-1,000  1 Visit

Digital X-Rays & 3D Dental CT Scan

 THB  Duration
 2-D Digital X-Rays (small image)  250  1 Visit
 2-D Digital X-Rays (panoramic image)  1,000  1 Visit
 3-D Dental CT Scan (per area)  2,500-4,000  1 Visit


  • No other hidden fees.
  • All treatment costs are collected in Thai Baht amount and payable by any major currencies.
  • We accept Visa, Master card, and Amex.
  • Effective since January 2015

Receive Free Hotel Transfer Service for Online Appointment Booking .

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