Dental Pain After Filling

Dental Pain After Filling

Why does tooth pain occur after you’ve gotten filling for your dental caries or cavities? Actually, this is a surprisingly common thing. Usually, the dentist only fills in damage from your teeth if there’s no pain there or after the swelling from it has subsided (to avoid complications like an […]

The Causes of Toothache

Tooth decay is typically the main reason you have a toothache. However, that reason doesn’t cover all cases. This is why you should have a complete oral examination first in order to determine the cause of your aching tooth and learn what you need to do in order to address […]

Wisdom Tooth Removal and Recovery

If your wisdom tooth has ended up impacted from within, under, or beneath your healthy teeth (that is, there isn’t enough room on your jaw for it to erupt by virtue of evolutionary oversight, so it now becomes your constant dose of pain), then you should have it removed. You […]

Root Canal Treatment Explained

A root canal treatment is medically known in the dentistry field as a type of endodontic treatment. Here’s the etymology of the term: “Endo” is the Grecian word for “inside” while “odont” is the Grecian word for “tooth”. In other words, it’s a treatment dealing with the inside of your […]

What Dental Bonding Options Are Available for Your Teeth?

You can repair discolored, fractured, chipped, and severely decayed teeth with the bonding process, which is an application of a tooth-colored composite resin or plastic over the tooth in question. It’s different from filling in that it’s capable of making the tooth appear longer and can fill in more tooth […]

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