All That You Need to Know About TMJ Disorders

All That You Need to Know About TMJ Disorders

The temporomandibular joint (often shortened to TMJ) connects your jawbone to the skull and acts like the sliding hinge between the two. This joint is found on either side of the jaw and helps the mandible move as you talk, scream, and chew as well as breathe by your mouth […]

The Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Every adult has experienced a toothache, but did you know that the most common kind of toothache is due to tooth sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity refers to discomfort of your tooth or teeth that’s due to pain that’s shooting, sharp, and sudden but temporary. It’s usually triggered when you eat something […]

Colored Fillings versus Amalgam Fillings – Which One Should You Choose?

For most people, the default choice for fillings would seem to be colored ones, especially if your cavities are not severe. However, thanks to the advances of dental technology, you’re no longer relegated to just one option when filling up those holes in your teeth. Aside from composite filings, you […]

What to Do When You Chipped a Tooth

You are spending time playing and biting ice inside your mouth when you noticed that there is something hard that did not break down. That hard material can be your chipped tooth. Chipping a tooth can result from different instances – using your teeth to open packages, eating hard foods, […]

All You Need to Know About Tooth Decay in Children

Have you ever wondered why your child loves sweets so much? Adults and children have the same number of taste buds but a child’s tongue is a lot smaller. This means that the taste of sweets is magnified multiple times to children. The Tooth Decay Process Sugars are the food […]

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