Types of Dental Implants in Thailand

Types of Dental Implants in Thailand

Dental implants are frames or posts that are positioned through surgery right into the jawbone beneath the gums, usually on the tooth socket of a recently pulled tooth. This gives the implant a significant advantage over false teeth in terms of being as close as possible to natural teeth, including […]

The Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Dental Cavities

Tooth cavities or dental caries are holes in your teeth caused by tooth decay, which in turn happens when specific bacteria types produce plaque acid that destroys the enamel of your teeth and its underlying dentin layer. The signs and symptoms of dental caries include pain when chewing, toothache, and […]

Invisalign Clear Aligners Treatment Process Explained

Manufactured by Align Technology, Invisalign is a branded orthodontic procedure and dental device that gives you a more inconspicuous method of wearing braces and straightening your crooked teeth. Meanwhile, Align is a multinational medical device manufacturer based in California, specifically in San Jose. The main claim to fame that Invisalign […]

What Is Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction?

Do you have loads of problems with your teeth that won’t get covered by simple teeth fillings, orthodontics, single dental implantation, or false teeth? Then it might be time for you to avail of full mouth dental reconstruction or restoration. As its name implies, full mouth dental reconstruction involves rebuilding […]

What Is Dental Occlusion Treatment?

Teeth occlusion refers to the way your teeth and jaw sit together or how your upper and lower rows of teeth contact with each other. To be more specific, it’s the relationship between your mandibular or lower teeth and maxillary or upper teeth when they come into contact with each […]

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