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Thantakit International Dental Center is the first Thai dentist who brought Dental Implants or Implant Dentistry from USA into Bangkok Thailand since 1973 by Dr. Bancha Sirikrai, the second-generation owner of Thantakit. Thantakit was established in 1945. Dr. Bancha was also the founder of Thai Society of Dental Implantology in 1984. Presently, our Thailand Dental Implant Center at Thantakit is under the management of Dr. Thara Sirikrai, the third-generation owner of Thantakit, who is a dental specialist in dental implants trained in a 2-year certificate Dental Implantology program from New York University in 1998. Thantakit is also the first dental implant center in Bangkok Thailand utilizing 3-D Dental CT Scan for all dental implant treatment cases. Dr. Thara, the owner of Thantakit and head of dental implant center, is in office everyday to take care of all dental implant patients by himself because we realize your high concern of dental implant treatment. We have no policy to outsource to part-time dental implantologists.

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