How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

If you’re wondering how much dental implants cost, you’ve come across the right article. Many people wonder about dental implant prices because they don’t want to be gypped and they wish to get an affordable one that won’t break down or cause an infection down the line because their cheapness is actually a reflection of their low-grade quality. There have been inquiries made regarding dental implant costs, and many dental care teams across the web commonly deal with this concern.

The Answer Is That It Varies

Even with the Information Age upon everyone, it’s quite hard to compare dental implant prices. You also need to get the estimate directly from your prospective dentists or dental clinics themselves to get a real idea of what dental implants cost (upwards of thousands of dollars is the expected ballpark figure). Long story short, dental implants cost depends on the dental provider, the location of the clinic, how much your insurance is willing to cover, the qualifications of the dentist, and various other conditions.

Many patients that are searching for a good price estimate are not aware that the price is dental implantsper tooth rather than per procedure, so what should cost $5,000 can end up actually becoming $25,000! The quoted price for the implant might not even include the crown and the abutment. This is why it’s important to have a guide like this. This will ensure you that the dental implants cost is as accurate as possible and everything is on the up and up!

What’s the Average Cost of a Dental Implant?

As mentioned already, the cost depends from area to area and country to country. Take note, the expenses are per tooth rather than per operation, so if you need more than one implant, you need to multiply these prices by the number of teeth to be implanted. To wit:

  • United States of America: $5,000 is the average cost of a dental implant in the United States at the time of this writing. This is the out-of-pocket cost of the surgery, the crown, the abutment, and the implant itself.
  • United Kingdom: In the U.K., expect the out-of-pocket cost for everything mentioned above to be cheaper than the U.S. price depending on the present exchange rate, which is £2,698 or USD 4,079 (give or take a thousand). The NHS or the National Health System can also cover the cost.
  • Australia: As for the cost in the Land Down Under, it costs significantly less than its U.S. or U.K. counterparts. You can get an implant cost (with all the trimmings) for AUD 2,058, which is just USD 1,620. That’s a whopping $3,000 cheaper than what you can get stateside.

However, that’s not the whole story in regards to dental implant cost, in case you’re an A woman with beautiful teethAmerican who wishes to buy a ticket to Australia to get implant surgery done on him for a cheaper price.

Even Cheaper Abroad

The dental implants cost abroad is nothing short of amazing in terms of affordability.

  1. Hungary ($480): You can get a complete smile and your original bite or only $480 for each implant in Hungary. It’s one of the forefronts of low-cost dentistry abroad and the landlocked dentistry haven of choice for United Kingdom residents. Its nearness makes it a popular, affordable dental procedure destination for French, Austrian, German, and British patients in particular. It specifically caters to high-end dental care.

Many of those who’ve gone to Hungary for their dental needs can vouch for the country’s cost-effectiveness. Those who are worried that it costs so cheap because the work is low-grade can rest assured that many past customers can vouch for how world-class Hungary is when all is said and done. What’s more, their Budapest clinics are some of the most luxurious ones in the world on top of them providing international-grade specialist care with low dental implants cost.

  1. Poland ($506): As for Poland (and its publicly funded health care system), its prices are comparable to Hungarian ones at $506 per implant, including all the operations and equipment. It’s also near the U.K. as well as other countries in Europe like France and Germany. It’s a little pricier than Hungary, but it comes with the caveat of Poland’s positive reputation in terms of quality health care.

You will not get substandard dental care from this country and it’s priced only a little bit higher than Hungary in light of its higher level of dental and medical proficiency. You can go to clinics like the CyberKnife Clinic and the European Centre Otwock for your dental care needs. It’s also preferable to Hungary in terms of “hidden” costs since its accommodations are less expensive to boot.

  1. Spain ($653): As for Spain, dental implants there only cost $653. It’s also a dental implantsregular stop for Europeans who wish to get more cost-effective medical and dental care compared to what they’re getting at home. Even Americans go there for surgeries in light of the expensive health care premiums and doctor prices they have to deal with. Yet again, the costlier procedure is extra assurance of quality without going overboard like in the case of U.S. prices.

Spain is also a premier destination for dental tourism in light of its magnificent scenery, breathtaking panoramas, unique culture, and gorgeous architecture. It’s a country full of character and charm, so of course its dental clinics is also filled with a world-class aesthetic to them, particularly in the realm of cosmetic dentistry. You won’t only get a vacation and an operation in one with a Spain dental tourism trip—you’re also assured of form and function with your resulting & dental implants.

  1. Costa Rica ($650): As for American citizens, they can save money on dental implants by traveling south and getting to Costa Rica. Their dental implant rate is at a decent $650 versus the standards $5,000. This country has a comparable cost to what Spain offers but with the extra nearness that the Spanish nation lacks when it comes to the United States. In short, Costa Rica is the USA’s answer to Spain and its dental bargain.

It also helps that even without the operation Costa Rica remains a great vacation spot on its own. While there, you can get to visit Tortugeuro, San Jose, Monteverde, Tamarindo, Liberia, the Corcovado National Park, and the Manuel Antonio National Park (among many other places). Although its accommodations are pricey, relaxing won’t be a problem after you’ve gone through surgery, plus the dental implants cost remains competitively low.

  1. Mexico ($750): Mexico is even nearer to the United States than Costa Rica. dental implantsWhat’s more, their rate is at an affordable $750. It’s not as “cheap” as Costa Rica, but when you take into account travel costs, it’s a good enough deal. The controversies surrounding Mexico and President Trump aside, the country itself still offers loads of dental implant options for anyone who cares to avail of them.

It’s about a hundred dollars pricier than the Costa Rican option, but it’s still a hundred dollars of extra convenience for those states that are quite near the country (as in the case of California). Border fences aside, Mexico is just a drive and a passport away for most Californians and Texans. Also, it’s filled with accredited hospitals and clinics with on-par stateside services. It’s even cheaper during off-peak travel seasons.

  1. Thailand ($746): Thanks to international clinics filled with world-class Thantakit International Dental Centerdentists, Thailand has entered into the fray of the international dental market, delivering high-level implant dentistry for people from the Land Down Under for the affordable dental implants cost of $746 (versus $1,620). To be more specific, you should definitely go to the world-renowned Thantakit International Clinic because of its level of accreditation.

All of its dentists are dental specialists with western training, particularly in order to cater to its Australian clientele as well as other customers from North America and Europe. As far as Thailand is concerned, its dental service prices are much lower than most other parts of the world (although not as low as many of the nations on this list). Some patients might not find it appealing due to the distance, but the appeal of Thailand itself can make up for its location. Its international quality is also a selling point.

Why Are Dental Implant Prices Cheaper Abroad?

When you get your teeth done abroad, the price disparity widens and varies even more significantly. You can even gain loads of savings compared to getting implant dentistry in the U.K., the U.S.A., and even Australia.

  • Cheap as in Low-Grade: Part of the reason is that some clinics have lower standards so of course they’re cheaper. They lack sophisticated equipment and provide substandard service that reflects their price.
  • Cost-Effective Affordability: However, that doesn’t explain the non-backyard international-level dentistry available in countries outside of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Australian Continent that offer quality comparable to stateside dentists but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Not Telling You the Whole Story: It may also be because some clinics offer the price for the full procedure and every last bit of hardware for a package deal, while others quote only the dental implants cost itself, so clarify what’s being quoted before jumping ahead with an operation.
  1. Deflation and Third World Countries: In the case of Spain, it has a much lower dental implant rate because its economy has gone bad and the country has suffered from deflation, resulting in cheaper rates for every commodity or service. In the case of third-world countries, their economies have only started to grow, so of course the dental implants cost is cheaper in their nation.

Where are the Best Deals on Dental Implants?

Here’s the deal when it comes to getting the best deals on dental implants. You need to weigh in the value over the cost.

  • Err on the Side of Caution: If you want to err on the side of caution, you can still have the operation in, say, the United States of America without moving abroad to get it done while minimizing the cost through the Affordable Healthcare Act or the policy that you and your insurance company has agreed upon for the sake of being assured quality dental implantation.
  • Take the Risk and Go South Bound: On the other hand, it might be worth taking a risk to go south bound across that fenced border for the sake of getting dental implants three to four times cheaper than what you’d acquire even with dental insurance included. The math checks out when all is said and done for sure.
  • Hidden Dental Havens: Many of these dental havens have international certification and world-class dentistry in case you’re that concerned about quality. These are not back alley quacks with no insurance, warranties, or refunds for sure. Its value can further be increased when you put dental tourist into the equation.

A Straightforward Trip versus Dental Tourism

When you travel, it’s commonly asked if it’s for business or pleasure. What about both? Medical tourismWhile you can certainly save a lot of money by having a dental operation with low dental implants cost while going on vacation in scenic places like Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Poland, and Hungary.

  • Best of Both Worlds: Dental tourism is like having your cake and eating it too or shooting two birds with one stone. Of course, if you’re strictly going to places like the above mentioned for the sake of getting an implant or several, you can do that too and save a bundle on hotel and tour costs.
  • All Business Option: You can go to your dental destination, have your operation, come back home, heal, then finish it up. However, there’s something quite appealing about vacationing in the middle of a dental operation from abroad since you’ve bothered to go out of the country you live in anyway.
  • Quality First: Even if you’re an American want to err on the side of caution and go to Australia instead of cheaper places to have that extra blanket of quality control security over your implant, the Land Down Under itself is home to quite a lot of sights to behold and tourist attractions you can enjoy.

Ultimately, your choice when it comes to the best course of action in terms of dental implant services abroad boils down to what you want out of the dental trip and the affordability of the dental implants cost.

Thantakit International Dental Center is Thailand’s longest established dental center. Situated in Bangkok, our clinic is renowned across the world as a destination for world-class dentistry, with most of our patients flying to us from Australia.

Please contact us today and get a FREE dental consultation.

20 Responses to How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

  1. I’m getting ready to have three teeth extracted and I already have teeth missing in the back chewing area. Would it be ok to have implants in one side only for chewing purposes. Still have all of my front teeth which are in good condition.

    • Hello,
      Yes that is possible. We are not sure if those three extracted teeth are adjacent teeth or not. If they are three consecutive teeth, you can replace them with 2 implants and 3-tooth bridge. The treatment cost is THB 155,000-175,000 depending on the implant brand. Please let us know should you have any inquiry. Please feel free to email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    • Hello,

      yes it is ok to have the implants done on one side for chewing purposes. If you have a dental X-ray, please kindly email to us at [email protected] for assessment so that we can make a treatment plan and quote for you. Thank you.

  2. Hi. I have recently got 2 adjacent molar teeth from right hand side of upper jaw removed. I need implants and crown for these. Can you please advise some cost in AUSTRALIA?

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your message.
      The cost for 2 implants with porcelain crowns is THB 130,000-150,000 (AUD 5,000-5,770).
      We offer 10% discount on cash payment which can be made in Australian Dollars.
      Please let us know should you have any inquiry.
      We look forward to hearing from you.
      Thank you.

  3. Hi there I need a quote for one only dental implant in the front of my mouth. The original one was knocked out 50 years ago and I have always had a denture, so it would be great to throw that away.


    • Hi,

      For implant treatment, it has to be done in two stages. The first stage is for a placement of 3 implants into your jaw which can be done in just one day. After that you need to wait for at least 3 months for good bonding between the implants and your jaw bone. Then you can return for having crowns fitted on the implants which will take about 5 days. Thank you.

    • Hi

      The implant treatment has to be completed in two stages. The first stage is for a placement of all 3 implants into your jaw. After that you need to wait for at least 3 months for good bonding between the implants and your jaw bone. Then you can return for having crowns fitted on the implants. The duration of stay of each stage is about one week.
      For more information, please contact us at [email protected].
      thank you.

  4. Hi there,

    I would like to have top and bottom (full) implants. What is the time frame and the cost

    Look forward to you reply


    • Hello,

      Thank you for your interest in Thantakit International Dental Center.

      The cost for full mouth implants depends on the number of implant needed on your top and bottom jaw. Normally the number of implants needed on each jaw is between 4 to 6 implants. The detailed costs (per jaw) are as follows;

      All-on-4 implants (4 implants with fixed bridge) THB 300,000-340,000 depending on the implant brand
      All-on-5 implants (5 implants with fixed bridge) THB 375,000-425,000 depending on the implant brand
      All-on-6 implants (6 implants with fixed bridge) THB 450,000-510,000 depending on the implant brand

      The cost for tooth extraction is THB 1,500 per tooth if needed.

      We offer 10% discount on cash payment.

      Do you have a dental X-rays which you can email to us for assessment so that we can determine how many implants you should need on each jaw?
      If possible, please send your X-rays to [email protected] for assessment.

      The treatment duration is about two weeks to be completed.

      Please let us know should you have any inquiry.
      We look forward to hearing from you.
      Thank you.

  5. I have a standing quote from Perfect Smile Pattaya for 180,000 – $500 US for bringing my own hardware and tool kit from MIS implant systems.

    I have 2 MIS 7 implants in place of tooth # 23 and 26. 24 and 25 are also missing. My orthopedist moved my teeth so that only 1 tooth will fit in that space, so I need a 2 implant with a bridged 3rd crown in the center. What might that cost with you?

    I am bringing my own hardware and tool kit because these were extra narrow specialty implants.

    What would you estimate as a cost?

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your message.
      The cost for 4 extractions is THB 6,000.
      The cost for 2 implants with 4-tooth porcelain bridge is THB 200,000-220,000 depending on implant brand.
      The temporary bridge is already included.
      We offer 10% discount on cash payment.
      Please let us know should you have any inquiry.
      We look forward to hearing from you.
      Thank you.

  6. Hello, the information on this article is very misleading. I live in Australia and to have an implant with a ceramic crown costs minimum $6000 AUD, not even close to the $2058 AUD that you state above. And you write that an implant in Thailand costs only $746… I assume that is just for the implant only, as I have been quoted between 65,000 – 90,000 THB for implant, crown, abutment etc from your Thantakit Dental Centre, which is between $3,300 – $4,500 AUD.

    Please clarify, Thank you.

    • Hello Eva,

      You’re right, $746 was just the cost of the implant post when the article was written. It’s written earlier in the article:

      “Many patients that are searching for a good price estimate are not aware that the price is dental implants per tooth rather than per procedure, so what should cost $5,000 can end up actually becoming $25,000! The quoted price for the implant might not even include the crown and the abutment.”

      You can find our detailed prices for dental implants here:

      I think your currency conversion numbers are incorrect. shows today that it would be AUD 2,877 – 3,984, so a little cheaper than you think.

      Thank you for your comment.

  7. I’m from the UK but I live in Bangkok.
    I need one extraction, then a front upper tooth implant and one upper jaw and one lower jaw implant where there are already teeth missing. Can you give me a very approximate cost, please? Many thanks, Daniel

    • Hi,

      The cost for tooth extraction is THB 1,500-2,000.
      The cost for a tooth implant including porcelain crown on implant is THB 65,000-75,000 depending on implant brand chosen.
      The X-rays and medications are included.
      We offer 10% discount on all treatment for cash payment.
      Please let us know should you have any inquiry.
      Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].
      We look forward to hearing from you.
      Thank you.

    • Hi, you will need 2 implants with 4-unit bridge for those 4 missing front teeth. The estimate cost is THB 180,000. There is 10% discount on top for cash payment.
      Please contact us for any further information or any questions you may have at [email protected].
      We look forward to hearing from you.
      Thank you.

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