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GREATER ROOT TIP CONTROL for Canines and Central Incisors

New Optimized Root Control Attachments are designed to provide greater mesio-distal root tip control. The attachments provide multiple points of buccal contact to create a moment that is favorable for the movement.

Available for:

  • Upper central incisors
  • Upper canines
  • Lower canines

Clinical applications include:

  • Space closure, including diastema
  • Mesio-distal uprighting
  • Bodily movement
  • Midline shift


New Optimized Multi-Plane Movement features are designed to improve control of upper laterals.

  • The active surface of the optimized attachment is oriented to deliver extrusive forces while simultaneously rotating and/or tipping the lateral.
  • A Pressure Point on the lingual aspect of the aligner is positioned to apply a second force for control of the multi-plane movement.

Available for:

  • Upper laterals

Applicable for:

  • Extrusion with crown tip
  • Extrusion with rotation
  • Extrusion with crown tip and rotation

BATTER CLINICAL OUTCOMES for Anterior Open Bite Treatment

New multi-tooth approach for anterior extrusion is designed to improve clinical outcomes when treating anterior open bites.

  • Aligner activation for the four upper incisors is now individually adjusted to ensure optimal extrusive force on each tooth.
  • Improved Optimized Extrusion Attachments extrude the anterior teeth as a unit leveraging the posterior teeth as anchorage.
  • Intrusive forces are applied to the posterior teeth.

Available for:

  • Upper incisors

Clinical application:

  • Open bite closure with extrusion of all four upper incisors

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