3D Dental CT Scan


Thantakit international Dental Center is the first dental implant center possessing and utilizing 3-D Dental CT Scan for every dental implant treatment case since 2004.

3-Dimension Dental CT Scan  is one of the most essential equipment in Dental Implant Surgery. It assists a dental implantologist in locating the best sites for implant placement. This technology also helps increase  long-term success rates in dental implant treatment. The CT Scan has played an important role of delivering successful dental implant treatments.

3-D Accuitomo – XYZ Slice View Tomograph.

Super High-Resolution Images of Region of Interest

The newest technologiy for acquiring three-dimensional diagnostic Imaging Information. 3D Accuitomo is a cone beam x-ray CT(Computed Tomography) for Dento-Maxillo-Facial area by J. Morita Mfg. Corp. Generate highly detailed, three-dimensional images with only one X-ray exposure of approximately 18 seconds

  • Use the dedicated software i-Dixel, to freely set slice angles
  • Develop the most accurate diagnosis for implants, apical lesions, temporomandibular joints,impaction etc.
  • Super High-Resolution
  • Low X-Radiation Dosage
  • Compact
  • Easy-to-use Image Processing Software on your desk
  • Simple, Accurate Positioning

3D Dental CT Scan

  THB Duration
3-D Dental CT Scan (per area) 2,500–4,000 1 Visit

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