The TRIOS® Handheld

RealColor™ scans with many clinical advantages

With TRIOS® color you can scan in natural colors to clearly distinguish between teeth, gingiva and restorative materials. Easily identify true preparation margins and improve scanning experience.

Powder-free for optimal accuracy and comfort

Applying powder is technique demanding, can ruin scan accuracy, is uncomfortable for patients and prolongs chair-time.

Now 40% faster

TRIOS® Ultrafast Optical Sectioning software has been optimized for even faster impression capture.

Autoclaveable tip with anti-mist heater

Achieve optimal hygiene and meet clinical requirements. The integrated antimist heater automatically ensures an optimal temperature for undistorted and crystal clear scanning.

The TRIOS® Cart

Up to 1000 3D pictures for true geometries

Combining hundreds or thousands of 3D pictures to create the final 3D digital impression based on real data rather than interpolated artificial surfaces.

Scanning has never been easier

Easily move along the teeth as the scanner captures the impression in real time. No need to hold the scanner at a specific distance or angle for focus.

Live 3D visualization

View the digital impression being built on your PC’s screen during scanning.

Single hand operation

The newly designed scanner mount enables dentists to pick up and park the scanner with one hand.

Integrated Training Center & Remote Support

Update your skills with latest videos, and tutorials. Connect directly to TRIOS® support experts while sharing your screen.

Modern easy-to-use Touch Screen

Smart-Touch screen provides full control without cumbersome trackball, or mouse operation.

Unique motion sensor interface

Like a gaming-controller, use the hand-held to virtually rotate and turn the digital impression.

Flexible connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Move the cart anywhere in the clinic while staying online. Connect to 3rd party devices such as wireless keyboards or cameras.