Types of Dentures and How to Choose From Them

If you’re missing teeth and its surrounding tissues due to intentional extraction, accidental removal, or tooth decay, getting a denture is one of the best solutions to fill in those gaps. You can either avail of dentures that are removable (like what senior citizens choose) and can be placed into […]

All About Home Teeth Whitening or Bleaching Kits

It’s not surprising that people want only the best and most effective dental products possible for the maintenance and beautification of their teeth. That is why they’ll carefully choose everything – from their toothpaste to their dental floss and to their mouthwash – all in a bid to make sure […]

Types of Dental Implants in Thailand

Dental implants are frames or posts that are positioned through surgery right into the jawbone beneath the gums, usually on the tooth socket of a recently pulled tooth. This gives the implant a significant advantage over false teeth in terms of being as close as possible to natural teeth, including […]

Dental Fillings Guide

Pulling or extracting teeth that have been damaged is not the only way a dentist can treat your dental problems. He can also fix your cavity the same way that the city fixes the potholes on streets: by putting filling in those holes. In the dental professional’s case, he first […]

The Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Dental Cavities

Tooth cavities or dental caries are holes in your teeth caused by tooth decay, which in turn happens when specific bacteria types produce plaque acid that destroys the enamel of your teeth and its underlying dentin layer. The signs and symptoms of dental caries include pain when chewing, toothache, and […]

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