What Is Dental Occlusion Treatment?

Teeth occlusion refers to the way your teeth and jaw sit together or how your upper and lower rows of teeth contact with each other. To be more specific, it’s the relationship between your mandibular or lower teeth and maxillary or upper teeth when they come into contact with each […]

Modern Dental Technologies at Thantakit International Dental Center That Make Your Visit Comfortable

Dentist clinics and offices used to be places that were feared by adults and children alike. Many people who’ve neglected taking care of their teeth ended up in such circumstances due to their fear of dentists and their painful methods of fixing and removing damaged teeth, from root canals to […]

Wisdom Tooth Infection Symptoms and Treatment

Do you have a wisdom tooth that’s infected? A wisdom tooth or teeth infection can be quite painful or even life-threatening. Here’s what you should do about it. Also known as third molars or your third set of molars, your wisdom teeth usually become visible by erupting from out of […]

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Options in Thailand

A great smile can serve as an instant facelift for some, but what if you have terrible teeth?  Then you should avail of one of the many advancements of cosmetic dentistry in order to get you a smile makeover that will give you the quiet confidence you need to face […]

The Most Common Dental Surgery Procedures

Dental surgery is a part of dentistry, which is a branch of medicine dealing with teeth, gums, and the mouth. Dentists are the practitioners of dentistry and they deal with the treatment, prevention, diagnosis, and study of conditions, disorders, and diseases of the oral cavity. This covers the oral mucosa […]