The Advantages of Dental Surgery in Thailand

The Advantages of Dental Surgery in Thailand

Try to feel what’s left of your tooth with your tongue and sense if there’s something there that’s similar to a crater. If you feel it, you have to face three potential scenarios to rectify this situation. First, there might be enough remaining tooth to put in teeth filling there, […]

How to Get a Dental Crown in One Day in Bangkok

Did you know that you could go to Bangkok and get a one-day dental crown at an incredible affordable price? The rate is very low compared to most countries even when you take into account the airfare to and from Thailand. Sure, if you have dental insurance you can have […]

How to Plan Your Dental Holidays in Thailand

Thailand, the Land of Smiles, isn’t given such a cheerful title only because of how happy and relaxed a vacation there can make you. Thailand actually also serves as a central hub when it comes to dental tourism so that tourists can literally get a new, better smile from the […]