What Is Tooth Pericoronitis?

What Is Tooth Pericoronitis?

Pericoronitis is a dental condition or disorder involving the gums surrounding a wisdom tooth. When this particular gingiva swells and gets inflamed due to an infection or because of something happening to the third and final set of molars adults get in their early twenties or late teens, then that’s […]

The Causes and Treatments of Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea, more popularly known as periodontitis, is one of the most widespread dental conditions for humans. This type of dental sickness occurs when the periodontium tissues that surround and support your teeth become compromised. When left untreated, pyorrhea can lead to you lose teeth or outright ending up losing teeth […]

How to Maintain Healthy Oral Hygiene

Dental care habits can literally make or break your teeth. The quality of your smile, the strength of your bite, and your capacity to chew all depend on how well you take care of your pearly whites. That’s why it’s essential for you to practice good habits such as brushing […]