Our Special Dental Packages for Foreign Tourists Traveling to Thailand

The Thantakit International Dental Clinic isn’t only Thailand’s most dependable and longest established dental center. It’s also the central hub for dental tourism (wherein you can get a vacation on the country you’re going to have your dental operation in, thus you’re having a trip for business and pleasure).

What Thantakit Dental Tourism Has to Offer

Thantakit International Dental Center allows tourists from all over the world who lack dental plans in their home countries and wish to save a bundle on dental costs without having to compromise the quality of the operation itself (otherwise, they might as well go to a skeevy back alley doctor to pull their teeth out without anesthesia).

You can get cheaper but not lower grade services like dental implants, bridges, crowns, porcelain veneers, teeth whiteners, root canal operations, orthodontics, dental surgery, implant surgery, and so forth plus inclusive packages that include a free hotel stay and airport transfer. What’s more, all the dental treatments offered at this Bangkok clinic are done by certified and internationally trained dental professionals to boot.

A Great Track Record

The Thantakit International Dental Clinic has a proven track record since 1945, meaning it’s probably older and more prestigious than many of the local dentists in your neighborhood while still having services that cost less and includes the chance to tour Thailand and its splendor to boot. This center isn’t only the most respected and experienced dental center in Thailand.

It’s also arguably the most cost-effective clinic in the world while at the same time still retaining world-class dental results thanks to internationally trained dental specialists. These dentists have been trained in western countries and have experience dealing with foreign clientele as well as satisfied local patients. They’ve dealt with thousands of customers all over the globe. Feel free to contact them to receive a free consultation.

The Different Packages Available

For ฿280,000 to ฿420,000 (about $8,000 to $12,000) you can receive all-on-4 implants to all-on-6 implants. As for the BioHorizons Implant System, you can acquire the same all-on-4 implants to all-on-6 implants package deal for the price of ฿320,000 to ฿480,000 (about $9,000 to $14,000).

In regards to the Teeth Whitening Duo Package, you can get Plasma Tooth Whitening for two persons at ฿6,500 (about $185) each and Zoom2 Tooth Whitening for ฿9,000 (about $256) each. Finally, for the Crowns and Bridges Package, you’ll have to contact the clinic for details on the packages depending on the number of teeth you need done.

Thantakit International Dental Center is Thailand’s longest established dental center. Situated in Bangkok, our clinic is renowned across the world as a destination for world-class dentistry, with most of our patients flying to us from Australia.
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