Teeth Whitening Prices in Thailand

Tooth or teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that you can do at home with certain products (like whitening strips or bleaching trays) or within the dentist office. In-office tooth whitening (also known as power whitening, professional whitening, power bleaching, and chair-side whitening) is typically done with the assistance of a trained dentist, making its teeth whitening prices worthwhile when all is said and done.

Home whitening is cheaper price-wise because they’re available as consumables and you can use them one pack at a time, so you can control the rate and expensiveness of the procedure until you can get the teeth whiteness you desire. However, this begs the question, why would you bother with Thailand in-office whitening if you’re from a nation like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, or the United States of America? Why not avail of local services from your own homegrown dentists?

Amazing Affordability at Thantakit

The number one reason why people want their teeth whitening done in Thailand than in their own home country is because it’s much cheaper to do within that Southeast Asian nation even when you take into account travel expenses.  The teeth whitening prices in the Kingdom of Thailand are quite amazing to the point of being incredible. Take for example the prices found in the Thantakit Dental Center.

  • Thailand Plasma Cool-Light Whitening Rate: In Thantakit, you can get a Plasma Cool-Light Tooth Whitening for just THB10,000 or $289.
  • Thailand ZOOM2 Whitening Rate: As for the Thai ZOOM2 Tooth Whitening price, it instead costs THB12,000 or $347.
  • Average U.S. Laser Whitening Rate: Meanwhile, you should expect to pay at least $250 for home kits or up to $500-$1,000 for decent in-office whitening in the USA.
  • U.S. ZOOM2 Whitening Rate: What’s more, it costs $500 upwards to avail of the same exact Zoom2 Tooth Whitening service in America.
  • Thantakit Discounts: Furthermore, you can avail of Plasma Cool-Light Tooth Whitening Service for a discounted promo price of THB7,500 or $217 and Zoom2 Tooth Whitening for THB10,000 or $289.

The 4 cycles performed are all in one session or appointment. That means the doctor will change the bleaching gel and re-activate the ZOOM2 whitening light for 4 times or cycles as recommended by the ZOOM Company. Each cycle takes about 15 minutes, so the total duration for 4 cycles is one hour.  The reason Thantakit does this is because there are some Thai clinics out there that offer downgraded whitening, performing fewer cycles to save on the bleaching gel and ZOOM machine usage.

The ZOOM machine is set by the manufacturer to be used with only a limited number of cycles, so all 4 cycles should be performed at the Thantakit Clinic in one session at the cost of THB 10,000 for the best results. Indeed, the whitening gel used for these cycles is all-brand new to avoid reusing the same gel in case you’re fearful of news regarding some establishments cutting costs by recycling the same gel over and over again.

Price Comparison Across Different Countries and Continents

By availing of teeth whitening in Thailand, you can end up with teeth whiteness worthy of a celebrity or movie star without necessarily having a celebrity or movie star salary to pay for these services. Simply put, teeth whitening prices in Thailand are simply much more affordable, plus it costs THB10,000 or $289 (in Thantakit Dental Center and other clinics around Thailand).

Meanwhile, in the U.S., it can cost as little as $500 and upwards of $800. As for the U.K., it costs around £1,000 or $1,295 for a three-week course. Australia is a little cheaper with its teeth whitening prices of $814 (Australian) or $609 (U.S.), but still more expensive than Thai prices. Even when you take dental insurance into the equation, you will typically end up short-changed because many insurance companies exclude cosmetic dentistry as part of their coverage.

The Advantages of Teeth Whitening in Thailand

Tooth whitening in Thailand has many more advantages than just the price, but it ultimately depends on which type of whitening you avail of. Every type has their own respective features and benefits that justify their costs.

In-Office Solutions

  • Bleaching Trays and Gels: In the U.S., it costs $300 to $400 to get what’s essentially an in-office a home-use whitening solution in one package. Meanwhile, in Thailand, this only costs $165 in some of the clinics there or $203-$275 in others. You go to the clinic to get custom-fit bleaching trays manufactured for your unique set of teeth, then take the trays home, putting gel on it and wearing it like some sort of mouth guard. The bleaching trays should be used as directed so you don’t over-soak your teeth into the gel.

The trays are made through the molds made of your teeth or through an intra-oral scanner (the scanner requires extra payment compared to the mold option). If you’d rather a professional handle your teeth whitening instead of you doing it yourself, you can allow the dentist deal with everything, making the bleaching tray method an exclusive in-office kind of procedure. The trays are typically worn on your teeth overnight, the bleaching cell whitening your enamel the same way bleach whitens your white clothes.

After letting the gel seep into your teeth and bleaching it white, you should end up with the whitest and pearliest of teeth possible when all is said and done. This technique does have limits though, such as its inability to whiten dentin darkening or inorganic stains. It works best against food-stained teeth, in other words. At any rate, the teeth whitening prices of these trays show that the U.S. cost is almost double than the Thailand cost. Is it worth the dental tour of Thailand or would you rather save up and just pay double the price?

  • Laser Teeth Whitening: As for the teeth whitening prices of laser whitening services in the U.S. like ZOOM2 Whitening, they can cost as “cheaply” as $500 or as expensively as $1,000 (however, on average, they cost $650 at most). Instead of creating custom-fit trays and gels that you can take home, your dentist can also do a one-visit bleaching of your teeth involving the power of “lasers” (or rather, a UV light that’s shined onto your gel-soaked teeth to activate its bleaching capabilities). Its quickness in whitening your teeth makes it the ultimate in bleaching services available.

It’s also reassuring that you can avail of this type of instant whitening service at places like Thantakit for $217-$289 (Plasma Cool-Light) or $289-$347 (ZOOM2). You can even find laser whitening clinics that can go even lower with their price range due to incentives and discounts, costing just $209. There are also clinics where it only costs THB7,000 or $202 to get laser whitening done as a special promo. Laser whitening services in modern times have significantly improved from past ones. Previously, bleaching gels can cause teeth sensitivity as a possible risk. The latest services have made gels thicker to safeguard against this complication.

The operation typically involves putting a dental dam on your mouth so only your teeth are in contact with the whitening gel (which current standards require to be composed of 25% hydrogen peroxide) while your gums, mouth, and face are protected from the chemicals. From there, the “laser” or special light is shone onto the teeth to activate the bleaching properties of the gel, thus whitening your teeth almost immediately. It takes only an hour for the whole operation to go underway. Meanwhile, Thantakit avails of ZOOM2 and Plasma Cool-Light services because they use gels that pass current international dental safety standards.

Home-Use Solutions

  • Whitening Toothpaste and Mouthwash: Yes, toothpaste also cost less in Thailand. You can get a decent tube of whitening toothpaste in the country for THB61 or $2. However, mouthwash is surprisingly a bit more expensive there at THB180 or $5. In contrast, whitening toothpaste in the U.S. costs from $3 to $7 (among the cheapest of teeth whitening prices) and mouthwash costs about $4. You can avail of whitening toothpaste and mouthwash to supplement or safeguard your in-office whitened teeth while in Thailand.

The benefits of whitening toothpaste plus mouthwash should be quite apparent. In terms of teeth whitening prices, it’s cheap and it’s easy to incorporate into your dental hygiene routine. Then again, if your teeth are yellowed only because you neglect to brush them, then perhaps even non-whitening toothpaste is enough to address your issues. Improve your daily dental hygiene and be careful of the food that’s staining your teeth in order to get whiter teeth than before. After all, you know what they say about an ounce of prevention and a pound of cure.

  • Whitening Strips: In the U.S.A., it costs $70-$100 to avail of whitening strips. They’re significantly cheaper than bleaching trays and laser whitening services, plus you don’t need to pay extra for a custom-fit bleaching tray that’s supposed to fit your teeth perfectly like a mouth guard. They’re also easier to use than the trays and are more cost-effective than even the cheapest Thailand in-office bleaching treatment (which cost about $200 or about twice what stateside whitening strips cost). They’re easy to apply, readily available in every clinic or drugstore (including in Thailand), and you can buy as much of it as you need.

Just put the flexible strips over the problem areas of your teeth as instructed on the box, then let it stay in the indicated amount of time. These strips are mostly home-use products, but there are dentists who also offer them as an in-office treatment. In Thailand, you can get Crest Whitening Strips for THB2,560 or $74 (roughly within the regular price range of stateside Crest Whitening Strips). Like with whitening toothpaste, you can also go to Thailand, get your in-office whitening done, and then buy a pack of these to keep your teeth from being stained in the future.

When Is Dental Tourism Justified?

Naturally, it’s more of a bargain to avail of Thai teeth bleaching if you live in Australia or Hong Kong versus people who live in the U.S. or the U.K. (who themselves have places near them with cheaper teeth whitening prices as well). However, if you want to vacation in Thailand specifically, you can get to enjoy the sights and sounds while getting your pearly whites turned truly white through dental tourism.

Also, in-office whitening is almost always more expensive than home-use whitening depending on how many bleaching trays or whitening strips you’ve used to whiten your teeth over the years. A single office visit is about twice or six times more expensive than a home-use service, but so much is accomplished in that one visit that the pricing is fully justified.  Just remember, if your teeth are discolored due to fluorosis (teeth discoloration due to excessive consumption of fluoride), a fluoride whitening toothpaste or even in-office whitening won’t help you out.

You instead might need dental services that are more extensive, like veneers or crowns. If your teeth are yellow due to you not brushing regularly, then a whitening toothpaste and mouthwash can help out as well as in-office teeth bleaching. Or you can go to your local dentist and have your teeth cleaned (prophylaxis) for good measure. When the staining is severe enough to necessitate a $500-$1,000 laser whitening bill stateside, it’s definitely justifiable budget-wise to go the Thailand dental tourism route and have your teeth bleached care of Thantakit International Dental Center or some other Thai-based clinic for a fraction of the standard U.S. price.

How Cost-Effective Are Thantakit Teeth Whitening Prices?

Naturally, if you’re searching for teeth whitening in Thailand, you’re mostly referring to in-office services. Whitening toothpaste is the cheapest of the cheap in terms of teeth whitening but it’s also the least effective. You can also avail of whitening strips for its bleaching properties, but it takes longer to get the teeth whiteness you desire. A cosmetic dentist is more expensive than a self-help teeth whitening kit with an instruction booklet because you’re also paying for his expertise. Don’t just go with the more affordable option. Instead, find the most cost-effective one that maximizes your investment.

It is still curious how ZOOM Whitening costs $500-$1,000 in the U.S. and $289-$347 in Thailand: A huge bargain for sure. You can avail of the cheaper Plasma Cool-Light Tooth Whitening for $217-$289 and you can also go the dental tourism route to maximize your vacation days and do your dental business while on tour in beautiful Thailand. Indeed, the savings from such teeth whitening prices can become even bigger when you include it as part of your vacation through dental tourism. These savings simply add up if you do multiple cleanings and teeth whitening cycles during every Thai dental vacation.

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