Why and How to Remove Your Amalgam/Mercury Fillings

Why and How to Remove Your Amalgam/Mercury Fillings

Mercury is usually added to dental amalgam filling to make it more pliable, but it comes with the risk of potential mercury poisoning down the line whenever this cavity filler requires removal or replacement. If you simply want to remove the filling to apply a better shaped filling thanks to […]

Are You Brushing Your Teeth Properly?

So what’s the right way to brush your teeth? When properly brushing your teeth, it should take at least two minutes to go about it. Yes, 120 seconds of brushing. Many adults don’t bother or are unaware that you should brush that long at all. As such, you should do […]

Our Special Dental Packages for Foreign Tourists Traveling to Thailand

The Thantakit International Dental Clinic isn’t only Thailand’s most dependable and longest established dental center. It’s also the central hub for dental tourism (wherein you can get a vacation on the country you’re going to have your dental operation in, thus you’re having a trip for business and pleasure). What […]

Why Singaporeans Love Coming to Thantakit Dental Center for Their Dental Treatments

Singaporeans love coming to Thantakit Dental Center for their dental treatments because it’s affordable, effective, and accessible. Many Singaporean tourists regularly visit Thantakit’s Pratunam Center that’s close to the Pratunam Market and The Platinum Fashion Mall as well as many other popular shopping places. The clinic combines both the dentistry and […]

Is Flossing Really Good for Your Dental Health?

Dentists for a last few decades have espoused the virtue and importance of flossing for dental health, sometimes to the point of claiming that the mouthwash and flossing combo is enough to substitute for good old-fashioned tooth brushing. However, is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Why should […]