The Advantages of Zoom!2 Tooth Whitening System

ZOOM!2 Tooth Whitening System is probably the most popular in-office whitening procedure done at present. It used to be some other technique, but eventually ZOOM has taken over the niche. ZOOM is a noninvasive way to go about brightening your smile so it’s easy to have it done to you. What’s more, the time it takes to get white teeth comes at a quicker pace. What’s more, it uses one of the most powerful whitening gels available in dentistry.

The Reasons for Availing of ZOOM!2

  • Fast and Convenient: In less than an hour, you could get a whiter color of your teeth than before when using the ZOOM technique of bleaching. You don’t have to wait for weeks, months, days, or even hours. The procedure only takes about an hour to do. After your gums and teeth have been checked, a hydrogen peroxide gel is applied over your teeth before a low-heat light is shone on them to activate and break down the chemicals. An hour later and you’re done. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a service as accessible and dependable as ZOOM.
  • Long-lasting: Even though ZOOM costs a little more to avail of than other teeth whitening procedures, it’s still the preferred method of many a dental patient for the simple fact that it works. It works superbly and it will take years of neglect and no brushing to undo the whiteness you’ve gained from this procedure. The whiteness of your teeth will last long. It’s not something that’s temporary and will fade away after only weeks or months after undergoing ZOOM.
  • Low Sensitivity: One of the main complaints, past customers of teeth whitening have about such procedures is that they report the development of tooth sensitivity soon after undergoing therapy. While for a day or two you will have sensitive teeth from ZOOM, it’s only temporary and it doesn’t nearly have as many sensitivity issues as other brands do (wherein patients are forced to use teeth sensitivity toothpaste permanently).
  • Proven as Safe and Effective: Yes, you will have to sit in front of a hot lamp for 45-60 minutes in order to get the full whitening results from ZOOM!2 Tooth Whitening System. On the other hand, it’s completely worth it in light of the fact that patients experience up to 67 percent less sensitivity compared to other systems and it’s also 33 percent faster because it’s capable of giving you results for as fast as half an hour.
  • Performed by a Dental Professional: ZOOM is the kind of scientifically advanced, patent-pending procedure for teeth bleaching that can be only done by a dental specialist. Therefore, when availing of ZOOM!2 Tooth Whitening System, you can be assured that only certified, internationally trained professionals can ultimately do this procedure. Just like how only the best surgeons can do heart transplants, only the best dentists are authorized to do ZOOM.

The Bottom Line

ZOOM offers lowered risks for tooth sensitivity after the deed is done compared to other bleaching methods and products that require extensive repeated contact with bleaching agents for multiple visits. The fact that it takes faster and fewer visits reduces any chances of complications.

You can get results as soon as the gel settles in and does its bleaching job for about thirty minutes. It’s much faster than taking several days to bleach your teeth with home trays. As the hydrogen peroxide breaks down thanks to the ZOOM light, it allows oxygen to enter your teeth and bleach both the enamel and dentin to white perfection.

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