Why Travel to Thailand for Dental Implants?

Rather than asking, “Why should I travel all the way to Thailand just to get dental implants?”, the better question seems to be “Why shouldn’t I travel to Thailand to get dental implants?” The reasons for going to Thailand for dental implants are simple and practical.

On top of getting cost-effective dental care for what constitutes as complicated dental surgery on par with wisdom tooth removal, you also get to see the wonders of beautiful Thailand on the side. It’s like getting a vacation tour of the Southeast Asian country on top of fixing your dental woes.

Below, we’ve rounded up the top three reasons why it makes sense to have a dental tour of Thailand for your dental implantation needs.


The first reason is price.  The price of getting a dental implant in western countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and anywhere within North America and Europe is exorbitantly high. It typically costs thousands of dollars, pounds, or euros to get just one extracted tooth socket implanted with a metal stud that acts as the tooth root.

In Thailand and through dental tourism, patients from all over the world could avail of the best dental work and dentists money can buy at such a lowered cost, even when you take into account your travel expenses, it will still be cheaper than getting your implants done stateside or locally.


The second reason is competence. It’s pointless going halfway across the world in order to get your teeth fixed with the dental implantation procedure. You can go to clinics like the Thantakit International Dental Center in Bangkok, Thailand if you want to get your money’s worth in terms of any cosmetic and surgical dental procedure imaginable.

The center has loads of internationally trained dentists you can trust to give you world-class results you can only achieve through even more expensive dentists in western countries.

What’s more, there are many stages needed in order to perform dental implant surgery. It’s a complicated procedure that must be done by the true experts of the industry.  They include the following:

  • Removal of the damaged tooth.
  • Preparing the jawbone for surgery (you can skip to this step if your tooth was already removed long ago).
  • Bone grafting.
  • Dental implant metal post placement on the jawbone.
  • Installing abutment or the implant stud extension followed by the new crown or artificial tooth.

The healing period may last several months, so you might have to expect multiple visits to Thailand as you get your new teeth fixed and whatnot. Every visit will cost you so you might as well get assistance from competent and internationally trained dentists to do the job at a fraction of the price of your local dentist.

Thailand Itself

The third reason is Thailand itself. After all, the other half of what makes dental tourism in Thailand great is touring the Thai country. This concrete jungle is jam-packed with natural beauty in its flowering tropical plants, green places, and canals.

In between your visits to the clinic to get your tooth removed or to have bone grafting surgery, you can make the healing process go faster by visiting the many tourist attractions of Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok. This buzzing cosmopolitan wonder is filled with ancient temples, glittering nightclubs, and high-rise buildings.

Also, you’ll get to enjoy the nightlife, fine dining, and shopping in this wondrous Southeast Asian nation. In other words, Thailand dental tourism will not only improve your smile; it can also give you multiple reasons to smile as well.

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