Which Dental Implant System Is Right for You?

Most patients who’ve lost teeth would rather avail of detachable dentures instead of dental implants because of their expensive nature despite their ability to simulate tooth roots anchoring themselves into your jawbone.

Dentures are also known for their relative cheapness, like eyeglasses are cheaper than LASIK eye surgery. However, 

Things That Could Affect Dental Implant Fees

A dental implant is a procedure wherein a metal stud is put into an empty tooth socket from a missing tooth to serve as the new artificial tooth root of a false tooth or crown. It anchors dentures, bridges, and crowns to your jaw.

  • Cheaper by Location: It’s not cheaper by the dozen. Rather, thanks to the currency exchange rate between the baht and the dollar as well as Thailand’s push to use their healthcare as a tourist attraction, it’s much cheaper to do a dental implant procedure In the Land of Smiles than stateside.
  • A Vacation and Treatment in One: Even if the price for the treatment is the same or a little more expensive (because you’ve availed of high-class treatment that’s more expensive locally), it’s justified by the vacation aspect of your dental tour.
  • For Those Not Covered: If you’re not covered by your dental insurance, it’s a viable option to instead get your dental implant from Thailand instead due to the many fees involved in this surgical and cosmetic procedure. Thantakit in particular offers a 5-year warranty for all their implants to boot.
  • A Set Price per Brand: The price for the brand of dental implant more or less remains the same, whether you’re availing of Hiossen, Astra Tech, P-I Branemark, SIC Swiss, BioHorizons, Cortex, Dentium, or Straumann Roxolid. They change in accordance with service fees, which are much cheaper in Thailand.

With that in mind, the implant brand and range you’ve chosen can also affect the price (on top of how many implants you plan to put inside your mouth, of course).

A Quick Look on the Average Cost of Dental Implants

When getting a single tooth implant, the overall spend will depend on the service charge, the cost of the dental crown, and (of course) the cost of the implant brand to be used.

On average, the cost of Thailand implant surgery for a single tooth implant ranges from $1,587 on the low end to $1,925 on the high end.

This cost is subject to change in accordance with the Thai baht and U.S. dollar exchange rates. However, they’re more or less around that ballpark.

Brands Implant Dental Crown Overall
P-I Branemark ฿30,000 ($880) ฿14,000-฿24,000 ($410-$700) ฿44,000-฿54,000 ($1,290-$1,580)
Astra Tech ฿30,000 ($880) ฿15,000-฿25,000 ($440-$730) ฿45,000-฿55,000 ($1,320-$1,630)
SIC Swiss ฿30,000 ($880) ฿15,000-฿25,000 ($440-$730) ฿45,000-฿55,000 ($1,320-$1,630)
Dentium ฿20,000 ($590) ฿25,000-฿45,000 ($730-$1,320) ฿45,000-฿65,000 ($1,320-$1,900)
HiOssen ฿20,000 ($590) ฿40,000-฿50,000 ($1,170-$1,460) ฿60,000-฿70,000 ($1,760-$2,050)
Cortex ฿30,000 ($880) ฿35,000-฿45,000 ($1,025-$1,320) ฿65,000-฿75,000 ($1,900-$2,200)
BioHorizons ฿30,000 ($880) ฿35,000-฿45,000 ($1,025-$1,320) ฿65,000-฿75,000 ($1,900-$2,200)
Straumann ฿50,000 ($1,460) ฿25,000-฿35,000 ($730-$1,025) ฿75,000-฿85,000 ($2,200-$2,490)

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  • Aren’t U.S. Dental Implant Prices the Same? Nope. The cheapest $1,000 implant you can get in the U.S. costs below that when availed in Thailand. High-level branded implants ranging from $1,600-$1,900 overall cost $1,000-$3,000 or more stateside for the implant alone. And that’s without the dental crown and service charge yet!
  • You’ll Also Pay for Abutment Prices: The part of the implant that’s visible above the gums and serves as “filler” for the crown placement will also cost you $300 to $500 extra stateside, on top of the crown that costs you an extra $1,000 to $2,000. This doesn’t include the $1,000 or more implant alone.
  • Get International Savings: This doesn’t only apply to American citizens with spotty dental insurance coverage from across the board. People from the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canadians, Australians, and many others from the eastern and western sphere can benefit from Thailand’s dental tourism.

To give you a better and more specific idea of the best dental implant systems around, let’s now discuss the individual prices and quality of the specific brands offered by the Thantakit Dental Center.

We’ll also talk about which dental implant system is right for you, while we’re at it.

1. Dentium Implant System

Dentium is one of the more affordable brands out there, especially when compared to the likes of Straumann Roxolid or even BioHorizons. It’s part of the Thantakit brand’s offerings because it’s a good brand that ticks all the boxes of quality implants.

Dentium offers you dependable and proven successful products using long-lasting materials that replicate your original bite force and mouth function. Here are some important information that you need to know about Dentium:

  • A Prominent Choice Worldwide: The Dentium-brand implant is a prominent choice in many dental centers and clinics around the world, including Thailand. Why? The brand is a world leader in the industry and it offers a consumer-grade option for patients (even more so for Thailand dental tourists).
  • Unique and Durable Microdesign: Dentium separates itself from other brands by having a successful microdesign that’s been used for decades. According to the stats, Dentium implants have a 97.9 percent success rate in a decade, ensuring you of a long-term dental restoration solution.
  • Proven Stability and Longevity: The years of experience and acclaim that Dentium has ensures it’s a regular choice in any implant dentistry clinic, center, or hospital. It can even solve issues like improperly fitting dentures or bridges to give you that natural tooth feel.
  • Versatile Placement: Dentium’s implant is so solid with its anchor that it could even be placed with low bone density areas, saving you the cost, pain, and wait of a bone grafting procedure.
  • Natural Looking Replacement: Dentium also provides a natural looking replacement for adult teeth you’ve lost. You might think, “Isn’t that what it’s supposed to do?” but Dentium does this taken-for-granted benefit the best and for the longest time possible.
  • A Dependable Design Copied by Other Companies: Another indication of the quality of Dentium is the fact that over the years, many other companies have copied its implant microdesign. However, the original remains the best when push comes to shove.

With Dentium implants, you’re also assured of the following benefits.

  • Better oral health.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • Higher success rate.
  • Improved self-esteem.
  • No adhesives or mess.
  • Sturdy, functional teeth.
  • Natural-looking implants.
  • Prevention of bone loss and gum recession.
  • Multiple Dentium implants can be placed during a visit.

2. HiOssen Implant System

HiOssen or Hiossen is a viable alternative to Dentium with similar pricing but it’s a different brand with a different set of benefits. Many clinics and centers out there can offer only Hiossen and still end up with a successful dental practice.

  • Immediate Results: It’s HiOssen’s ET Implant System that allows dentists to offer their patients immediate usable results in implant dentistry. You can immediately get a new, better smile with natural-feeling teeth using this system.
  • Treatment Time is also Shorter: Hiossen’s claim to fame is quickness. It’s the implant of choice for same-day All-on-4 to All-on-6 implantation on even the most severe of tooth loss cases and the thinnest of jawbones.
  • SmartFit Abutments: Hiossen is also known for their high-degree SmartFit abutments. These fill in the loose space between crowns, bridges, and dentures, leading to an ideal aesthetic and functional design that’s almost immediately usable.
  • The ET Implant System: This easy-flow platform that’s also known as Essential Treatment offers dentists all the tools they need to perform implant surgery in an optimized fashion instead of having to provide tools of their own.
  • Extensive Research for Various Denture Arrangements: Extensive research was conducted into the Hiossen ET system to give the patient an innovative, safe, and quality system of implantation for single-unit, partial, or full edentulous treatments when all is said and done.
  • Excellence in Primary Stability: Hiossen’s implant system also offers minimal invasiveness in the procedure and can achieve the most predictable and uniform fit for your abutment and crown, covering all bone types and densities.
  • Prosthetic Portfolio: The scope of Hiossen’s compatible prosthetics covers a wide range of dental conditions. By using HiOssen’s OEM components, both dentist and patient can rest assured of perfectly matching and high-end precision fits for their dentures and crowns.
  • HiOssen Surface Treatment: The implant surface treatment includes sand-blasting with alumina and acid-etching. The product also follows the strictest of quality standards based on world-class regulations and regularly updated technology.

The specific brand is a dependable and remarkable choice for sure that’s renowned for its immediate results. For example, the leading dental implant company offers the proprietary ET Implant System for its implant product.

3. BioHorizons Implant System

Not every dental clinic or center has the BioHorizons implant available. For those that do, they benefit from a highly innovative, highly advanced, and high-tech method of dental implantation sought after by patients all around the world.

BioHorizons is even a preferred method of implantation because of its use of hex prosthetics. This geometric shape and implant methodology should lead to the most stable outcome possible.

To wit, you can use Hex Prosthetics by BioHorizons for the following BioHorizon implant types:

  • Internal
  • Tapered Internal
  • Tapered Internal
  • Tapered Tissue Level

We’re also not kidding around in regards to the uniqueness of a BioHorizons implant. They make for faster, simpler, and shorter implant surgery procedures through their Tapered Short Guided System.

  • Guided Surgery: BioHorizons also offers kits for their Tapered Short implants that simplify the surgical workflow procedure, has everything the dental center needs in one package, and significantly lowers cost across the board (especially when done in Thailand). It also uses keyless drill designs and minimizes stack height.
  • Single-Stage Implants: BioHorizons also offers single-stage implants using power threads that go through a maximum surface area for additional support to the high occlusal forces involved in posterior bites.
  • Conelog Progressive: You can also avail of Conelog Progressive implants that offer user-friendly and clinically proven Conelog or conical performance at bone level thanks to the company’s buttress thread design that really sink and anchor into the jawbone.
  • AlloDerm SELECT RTM: As for BioHorizon’s AlloDerm SELECT, Regenerative Tissue Matrix it was introduced in 1999 and is known for its soft-tissue implant applications. This system supports regeneration of the oral soft tissue by enabling rapid cell repopulation and revascularization.

The brand offers both soft-tissue and bone-level implantation tech, as opposed to companies that offer bone-level alone. Its tapered internal dental implants provide:

  • Optimal aesthetics
  • Soft-tissue attachment
  • Excellent primary stability
  • Aggressive buttress threads
  • Maximum bone maintenance
  • Advanced “Laser-Lok” surface tech
  • Anatomically tapered dental implant body
  • Long-term security even with softer bone and limited ridge height

4. Straumann Implant System

Last but not least is the Straumann Implant. Its main claim to fame is that it offers the Roxolid® material option, which has a higher mechanical strength compared to titanium. It features German engineering and precision in implant form for sure.

Roxolid isn’t only more-than-titanium though. It’s also priced at the pinnacle of implant brands to make up for its minimal invasiveness.

Other brands require deeper cuts and further screwing into dense jawbones. There’s less need for such with Straumann.

  • Unique Portfolio of Materials: You can choose between multiple types of alloy for your implant designed to last you a lifetime, such as grade-4 titanium, zirconia, and Straumann’s proprietary implant alloy known as Roxolid (as discussed above).
  • Assured Strength: With Roxolid in particular, you’re assured of higher mechanical strength compared to even the famous titanium. The implant will last you a lifetime when push comes to shove.
  • Reduced Invasiveness: Another thing that sets apart this system from other systems is that it’s been designed to ensure exceptional strength and anchorage for your crowns and bridges while reducing the invasiveness of the procedure.
  • Preservation: Straumann’s high-quality implant offerings ensure bone preservation because you won’t have to undergo invasive grafting procedures that allow other implant brands to get enough solid bone density for them to work.
  • Metal-Free Aesthetics: Instead of making it obvious your dentures or bridges are snapped onto a metal anchor, the Straumann Implant System hides the metal, resulting in metal-free, natural-looking aesthetics that justifies the extra cost.
  • Groundbreaking Implant Surfaces: Straumann also boasts of groundbreaking implant surfaces that cover both normal and active surfaces. Many other implants can’t deal with active surfaces, but for Straumann it’s not an issue.
  • Superior Flexibility: Compared to other implant options including the versatile BioHorizons, the Straumann System allows more treatment options while ultimately using smaller implants.
  • Osseointegration: Straumann’s proprietary Roxolid implants also work because they have excellent osseointegration properties, particularly when combined with their SLActive surface that reduces complexity of treatment to boot.

The Bottom Line

Avail of Thailand dental tourism for your implant needs because it’s cheaper but not low-grade. Or rather, you can get high-grade care with internationally trained dentists at prices comparable to the cheapest implants in the U.S. or the E.U.

As for the dental systems, go with what you can afford or have the dentist decide what you need. You can go all the way to Straumann Roxolid at Thailand’s cheaper rates, but Dentium might be enough for your specific circumstances.

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