The Causes and Treatments of Swollen Gums

The Causes and Treatments of Swollen Gums

Are your gums swollen? Isn’t it painful to eat with swollen gums? The pain might end up driving you crazy, especially if you can’t help but obsess over it with your tongue, touching it over and over until you aggravate whatever injury or infection it’s suffering from. If it’s just […]

Bleeding Gums Treatment

When you brush your teeth, then spit out the rinsed out the toothpaste residue, do you end up with blood on your sink? Then you might be suffering from bleeding gums. A little bit of bleeding while brushing or flossing is normal (especially if you’ve neglected to do so for […]

The Causes of Yellow Teeth

Teeth that are regularly cleaned are supposed to come out white. Teeth that aren’t as clean as desired can turn yellow. The most common culprits of yellow teeth are the regular ingestion of cigarettes and coffee (so old-timey gumshoes as seen in Film Noir probably have the yellowest of teeth, […]

Teeth Scaling and Polishing

Aren’t you impressed by how smooth marble sculptures or porcelain vases are? Wouldn’t you like the same cleanness and shininess from your teeth that isn’t covered by regular brushing or comprehensive brushing and cleanup from the dentist’s chair via prophylaxis or teeth cleaning procedure? Then it’s about time you learned […]