What are Dental Implants Cost in Bangkok, Thailand?

Most people go for dentures instead of dental implants that anchor crowns right into your crown and jawbone because they’re much cheaper and don’t cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Did you know there’s a much cheaper alternative to all this?

You won’t have to get expensive premiums for dental insurance or pay out exorbitant out-of-pocket costs to get an implant when dental tourism in Thailand—the so-called Land of Smiles—is available to you!

Let’s now talk about dental implant price in Thailand.

More Affordable Dental Implants Cost in Thailand

Simply put, the concept of dental tourism or even medical tourism involves giving the citizens of western countries a more affordable but not low-grade treatment option compared to what they can get stateside.

The implant price in Thailand is quite affordable that even when taking into account incidental costs as well as meals, lodging, and travel expenses, the dental bill remains smaller than out-of-pocket costs of the same procedure done locally.

This goes double for dental implant costs in light of how exorbitantly expensive every procedure or every dentist visit will cost the average American, Canadian, European, or Australian.

Things That Affect Dental Implants Cost in Thailand

You’d want to go to Thailand to get your dental implant treatment done because there are so many fees involved in such a major dental operation that won’t totally be covered by your dental insurance.

Aside from the price going higher depending on how many implants you put into your mouth, it could also be affected by the dental implant brand and range you choose from (Hiossen, Astra Tech, P-I Branemark, SIC Swiss, and Straumann Roxolid).

A Quick Look at the Average Implant Price in Thailand

Let’s check out this single tooth implant chart that covers the different implant brands available, the price per implant, and the price of the accompanying dental crown.

It outlines the cost of Thailand implant surgery and dental crown on average. It also gives a comparative price in U.S. dollars in accordance to exchange rates at the time of this writing (thus they’re subject to change).

Brands Implant Dental Crown Overall
P-I Branemark ฿30,000 ($880) ฿14,000-฿24,000 ($410-$700) ฿44,000-฿54,000 ($1,290-$1,580)
Astra Tech ฿30,000 ($880) ฿15,000-฿25,000 ($440-$730) ฿45,000-฿55,000 ($1,320-$1,630)
SIC Swiss ฿30,000 ($880) ฿15,000-฿25,000 ($440-$730) ฿45,000-฿55,000 ($1,320-$1,630)
Dentium ฿20,000 ($590) ฿25,000-฿45,000 ($730-$1,320) ฿45,000-฿65,000 ($1,320-$1,900)
HiOssen ฿20,000 ($590) ฿40,000-฿50,000 ($1,170-$1,460) ฿60,000-฿70,000 ($1,760-$2,050)
Cortex ฿30,000 ($880) ฿35,000-฿45,000 ($1,025-$1,320) ฿65,000-฿75,000 ($1,900-$2,200)
Straumann ฿50,000 ($1,460) ฿25,000-฿35,000 ($730-$1,025) ฿75,000-฿85,000 ($2,200-$2,490)
  • U.S. Dental Implant Prices: The placement of a dental implant or stud into your jaw in the U.S.A. can cost you from $1,000 to upwards of $3,000 alone. However, this doesn’t cover the dental crown costs, thus you’ll be faced with even more payments for the full dental restoration package.
  • U.S. Crown and Abutment Prices: You’ll also have to pay for the abutment or the part of the implant visible above the gums for about $300 to $500. Then there’s also the crown, which costs you an additional $1,000 to $2,000.
  • Thailand Prices vs. U.S. Prices: Instead of paying for at most about under $2,000, you’ll have to pay upwards of $2,300 or even $5,500 as a worst-case scenario. Imagine how many implants you could’ve done for that money in Thailand!
  • International Savings: This applies not only to American citizens from the United States or citizens of France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, and Spain in Europe. This can also benefit Australians living practically nearby Thailand or the so-called Land of Smiles.

To give you a better and more specific idea of dental implants price in Bangkok, let’s break down the cost of different types of dental implants.

Single Missing Tooth

Regarding implants price in Bangkok, this involves anchoring a single implant post into your jawbone. From there, a false tooth or crown is fitted over the implant post (and abutment to make it a perfect fit).

You’ll have to pay this procedure in two installment fees—the first stage implant post then the second stage implant crown (a crown that requires fabrication first, thus necessitating two visits). Here are sample prices for one tooth implant:

Treatment Type Unit 1st Stage Implant Post 2nd Stage Implant Crown Total Price
Titanium Implants (Normal Surface)
HiOssen Tooth ฿20,000($590) ฿40,000-฿50,000($1,170-$1,460) ฿60,000-฿70,000($1,760-$2,050)
Cortex Tooth ฿30,000($880) ฿35,000-฿45,000($1,025-$1,320) ฿65,000-฿75,000($1,900-$2,200)
Straumann SLA Tooth ฿50,000($1,460) ฿25,000-฿35,000($730-$1,025) ฿75,000-฿85,000($2,200-$2,490)
Roxolid Implants (Normal Surface)
Straumann Roxolid Tooth ฿60,000($1,760) ฿25,000-฿35,000($730-$1,020) ฿85,000-฿95,000($2,490-$2,780)
Roxolid Implants (Active Surface)
Straumann Roxolid Tooth ฿65,000($1,900) ฿25,000-฿35,000($730-$1,020) ฿90,000-฿100,000($2,640-$2,930)

Thantakit prices are slightly on the higher side because they offer a 5-year warranty, use crowns and dentures that are made of porcelain, and better guarantees when it comes to their quality assurance since it’s a well-established and long-revered international dental center.

Several Missing Teeth

The implant price in Thailand for several missing teeth depends on whether you wish to place in 3 crowns or 4. For consecutive missing gaps of three teeth or more, 2 teeth implants can get anchored to the jaw consisting of 3 unit crowns to replace the gaps.

1. Implant Bridge – 2 Implants and Bridge (3 Crowns)

The Straumann Roxolid (Active Surface) implants offer more advanced, durable, and dependable implant posts in strength and size compared to standard Titanium implants.

Treatment Type Unit 1st Stage Implant Post 2nd Stage Implant Crown Total Price
Titanium Implants (Normal Surface)
2 HiOssen and Bridge Case ฿40,000 ($1,180) ฿115,000-฿125,000 ($3,370-$3,660) ฿155,000-฿165,000 ($4,240-$4,833)
2 Cortex and Bridge Case ฿60,000 ($1,780) ฿105,000-฿115,000 ($3,077-$3,370) ฿165,000 -฿175,000 ($4,833-$5,130)
2 Straumann and Bridge Case ฿100,000 ($2,930) ฿70,000-฿95,000 ($2,080-$2,780) ฿170,000-฿195,000 ($5,050-$5,710)
Roxolid Implants (Normal Surface)
2 Straumann Roxolid and Bridge Case ฿120,000 ($3,510) ฿70,000-฿80,000 ($2,050-$2,340) ฿190,000-฿200,000 ($5,570-$5,860)
Roxolid Implants (Active Surface)
2 Straumann Roxolid SLActive and Bridge Case ฿130,000 ($3,800) ฿70,000-฿80,000 ($2,050-$2,340) ฿200,000-฿210,000 ($5,860-$6,150)

2. Implant Bridge – 2 Implants and Bridge (4 Crowns)

For four consecutive missing teeth or gaps, you can use 2 teeth implants plus a bridge that consists of 4 unit crowns over the dental implants and abutments. They’re quite effective in solidly replacing the gaps with fully functional bridge dentures.

Treatment Type Unit 1st Stage Implant Post 2nd Stage Implant Crown Total Price
Titanium Implants (Normal Surface)
2 HiOssen and Bridge Case ฿40,000 ($1,180) ฿130,000-฿140,000 ($3,810-$4,100) ฿170,000-฿180,000 ($4,980-$5,274)
2 Cortex and Bridge Case ฿60,000 ($1,780) ฿120,000-฿130,000 ($3,520-$$3,800) ฿180,000-฿190,000 ($5,274-$5,640)
2 Straumann and Bridge Case ฿100,000 ($2,930) ฿90,000-฿120,000 ($2,670-$3,520) ฿190,000-฿220,000 ($5,560- $6450)
Roxolid Implants (Normal Surface)
2 Straumann Roxolid and Bridge Case ฿120,000 ($3,510) ฿90,000-฿100,000 ($2,640-$2,930) ฿210,000-฿220,000 ($6,240-$6,540)
Roxolid Implants (Active Surface)
2 Straumann Roxolid SLActive and Bridge Case ฿130,000 ($3,800) ฿90,000-฿100,000 ($2,640-$2,930) ฿220,000-฿230,000 ($6,540-$6,730)

Full Jaw of Missing Teeth

As for full mouth dental implants cost in Thailand for a full jaw of missing teeth, here’s the nitty-gritty.

1. Implant Dentures – 2 Implants and Dentures

A toothless jaw can be restored to full function easily by placing 2 implants and overdentures onto the empty and gummy jaw. The implants offer a solid enough foundation to secure full dentures.

Implant-supported overdentures offer economical, functional, and easily cleanable dentures you don’t have to place inside a glass of water every time you sleep!

Treatment Type Unit 1st Stage Implant Post 2nd Stage Implant Crown Total Price
Titanium Implants (Normal Surface)
2 HiOssen and Denture Jaw ฿40,000 ($1,180) ฿120,000-฿130,000 ($3,520-$$3,800) ฿160,000-฿170,000 ($4,690-$4,980)
2 Cortex and Denture Jaw ฿60,000 ($1,780) ฿110,000-฿120,000 ($3,220-$3,520) ฿170,000-฿180,000 ($4,980-$5,274)
2 Straumann and Denture Jaw ฿100,000 ($2,930) ฿80,000-฿110,000 ($2,340-$3,220) ฿180,000-฿210,000 ($5,270-$6,150)
Roxolid Implants (Normal Surface)
2 Straumann Roxolid and Denture Jaw ฿120,000 ($3,510) ฿80,000-฿90,000 ($2,340-$2,630) ฿200,000-฿210,000 ($5,860-$6,240)
Roxolid Implants (Active Surface)
2 Straumann Roxolid SLActive and Denture Jaw ฿130,000 ($3,800) ฿80,000-฿90,000 ($2,340-$2,630) ฿210,000-฿220,000 ($6,240-$6,440)

2. Implant Dentures – 4 Implants and Dentures

A toothless jaw can also be restored with 4 implant overdentures. It allows you more surface attachment and better stability when you bite or chew, especially on your upper jaws.

4 implants and dentures give you a more effective and secure solution to bringing back your lost smile. The full dentures can even be removed for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Treatment Type Unit 1st Stage Implant Post 2nd Stage Implant Crown Total Price
Titanium Implants (Normal Surface)
4 HiOssen and Denture Jaw ฿80,000 ($2,340) ฿250,000-฿260,000 ($7,320-$7,620) ฿330,000-฿340,000 ($9,670-$9,960)
4 Cortex and Denture Jaw ฿120,000 ($3,510) ฿230,000-฿240,000 ($6,740-$7,030) ฿350,000-฿360,000 ($10,250-$10,550)
4 Straumann and Denture Jaw ฿200,000 ($5,860) ฿130,000-฿200,000 ($3,840-$5,860) ฿330,000-฿400,000 ($9,660-$11,720)
Roxolid Implants (Normal Surface)
4 Straumann Roxolid and Denture Jaw ฿240,000 ($7,030) ฿130,000-฿140,000 ($3,800-$4,100) ฿370,000-฿380,000 ($10,830-$11,130)
Roxolid Implants (Active Surface)
4 Straumann Roxolid SLActive and Denture Jaw ฿260,000 ($7,610) ฿130,000-฿140,000 ($3,800-$4,100) ฿390,000-฿400,000 ($11,420-$11,710)

Immediate Function

As for the dental implants price in Bangkok for immediate function implants, this covers implantation from top to bottom of toothless jaws instead of just one jaw from above or below.

You can replace missing teeth on a full jaw with dental implants supporting a fixed hybrid bridge for normal bone density jaws or jaws with degrees of bone loss.

1. All-on-4 Implants

All-on-4 treatment allows certain cases to gain immediate function of their jaw with a new set of teeth in a single trip to the dentist.

Treatment Type Unit 4 Implant and Acrylic Bridge Convert Acrylic Bridge to Metal Frame Acrylic Bridge Total Price
Titanium Implants (Normal Surface)
4 Cortex and Acrylic Bridge Jaw ฿300,000 ($8,790) ฿140,000-฿150,000 ($4,100-$4,430) ฿440,000-฿450,000 ($12,890-$13,300)
Roxolid Implants (Active Surface)
4 Straumann BLT and Acrylic Bridge Jaw ฿320,000 ($9,370) ฿150,000-฿160,000 ($4,390-$4,685) ฿470,000-฿480,000 ($13,760-$14,060)
4 Straumann Roxolid SLActive BLX and Acrylic Bridge Jaw ฿340,000 ($9,950) ฿150,000-฿160,000 ($4,390-$4,685) ฿490,000-฿500,000 ($14,350-$14,650)

2. Zygoma Implants

Zygomatic implants are from Nobel Biocare and their P-1 Branemark System. They should be used for patients suffering from significant posterior bone loss. It involves the use of extra-long implants placed on the zygoma facial region, hence the term.

These lengthy posts then support fixed hybrid bridges. In contrast, ordinary implants get anchored at the anterior or front jaw bone in order to take the load of an upper hybrid acrylic bridge.

The starting price for zygomatic implants in Thailand is ฿40,000 ($1,190) per implant. In contrast, a zygoma implant costs between $32,000 and $36,000 per implant in the United States.

The savings you can get from Thai zygomatic implants are obviously huge!

Implant Full Bridges

A jaw lacking teeth may get restored to something similar to getting a new set of teeth with the addition of implant-supported fixed bridges. This serves as the ideal teeth restoration product that feels and works like normal organic teeth.

1. Implant Full Bridge – 4 Implants and Bridge (10 Crowns)

The implant posts serve as the new tooth roots and you don’t need to add tooth roots to every single tooth if you’re using a bridge with 10 crowns instead.

You can clean and maintain such teeth the same way you would natural teeth. This makes this the ideal permanent solution to lost permanent teeth or even jaws with bone loss issues.

Treatment Type Unit 1st Stage Implant Post 2nd Stage Implant Crown Total Price
Titanium Implants (Normal Surface)
4 HiOssen and Bridge Jaw ฿80,000 ($2,340) ฿335,000-฿345,000 ($9,800-$10,100) ฿415,000-฿425,000 ($12,160-$12,450)
4 Cortex and Bridge Jaw ฿120,000 ($3,510) ฿320,000-฿330,000 ($9,370-$9,670) ฿440,000-฿450,000 ($12,890-$13,180)
4 Straumann and Bridge Jaw ฿200,000 ($5,860) ฿220,000-฿300,000 ($6,540-$8,790) ฿420,000-฿500,000 ($12,410-$14,650)
Roxolid Implants (Normal Surface)
4 Straumann Roxolid and Bridge Jaw ฿240,000 ($7,030) ฿220,000-฿230,000 ($6,440-$7,330) ฿460,000-฿470,000 ($13,470-$13,760)

2. Implant Full Bridge – 6 Implants and Bridge (12 Crowns)

The more implants you use the more solid the resulting bridge. This option restores edentulous jaw with a new set of teeth care of the 12-crown bridge.

Implant posts get strategically placed in exact positions of the jaw and fixed bridges get fitted over each post root to give you the same feel and bite load as natural teeth.

Treatment Type Unit 1st Stage Implant Post 2nd Stage Implant Crown Total Price
Titanium Implants (Normal Surface)
6 HiOssen and Bridge Jaw ฿120,000 ($3,510) ฿380,000-฿390,000 ($11,130-$11,420) ฿500,000-฿510,000 ($14,650-$14,930)
6 Cortex and Bridge Jaw ฿180,000 ($5,320) ฿350,000-฿360,000 ($10,250-$10,540) ฿530,000-฿540,000 ($15,530-$15,820)
6 Straumann and Bridge Jaw ฿300,000 ($8,790) ฿270,000-฿300,000 ($7,980-$8,790) ฿570,000-฿600,000 ($16,860-$17,580)
Roxolid Implants (Normal Surface)
6 Straumann Roxolid and Bridge Jaw ฿360,000 ($10,540) ฿270,000-฿280,000 ($7,900-$8,200) ฿630,000-฿640,000 ($18,450-$18,740)

Dental Implants Prices at Thantakit International Dental Center

Single Implant with Porcelain Crown

THB Warranty
Dentium Implant  65,000
HiOssen Implant  70,000
Cortex Implant 75,000
Straumann Implant    85,000

2 Implants with 3-Unit Bridge

THB Warranty
Dentium Implant  155,000
HiOssen Implant  165,000
Cortex Implant 175,000
Straumann Implant  195,000

2 Implants with 4-Unit Bridge

THB Warranty
Dentium Implant  180,000
HiOssen Implant  190,000
Cortex Implant 200,000
Straumann Implant  220,000

Full-Arch / Full-Jaw Reconstruction*

We provide Final Prosthesis of All on 4/5/6 implant concept with fully screw retained high impact acrylic (KULZER®) with reinforced metal sub-structure which can be served as long-term final prosthesis.
Unlike traditional one day teeth of All on 4/5/6 concept which requires remaking of final prosthesis after 6 months, our final prosthesis lasts for years and requires 5-7 days to be made after the implant placement. We do not offer low prices with compromised quality of work.
All-on-4 Implants





All-on-5 Implants





All-on-6 Implants





Implants with Overdenture

THB Warranty
2 Implants+Bar+Overdenture 170,000
2 Implants+Ball+Overdenture 170,000
4 Implants+Bar+Overdenture 310,000
4 Implants+Ball+Overdenture 310,000


  • No other hidden fees.
  • The payment can be made in any major currencies using the spot exchange rate on the payment date.
  • We accept Visa and Master card.
  • No discount is applied to the payment made with credit card.
  • No discount is applied to any bookings through agents.
  • No discount is applied to X-rays, CT Scan, and medicine for either cash or credit card payment.

Special Offer: 10% Discount on Cash Payment

What to Expect when Getting a Dental Implant

Dental implantation procedures serve as one of the more effective ways of tooth replacement. It’s due to the fact that it offers both cosmetic and immediate function benefits with dentures, crowns, or bridges that work like natural teeth.

  • How It Works: The idea here is to implant a metal post into the empty tooth socket where the original permanent tooth fell out. From there, you can add a crown, a cantilever bridge, or 2-implant to 4-implant bridges to restore oral and dental function.
  • Screw into the Bone: The implant itself is screw-shaped to enable screwing into the jaw. If the jaw lacks bone to support the implant, you can graft more bone onto it and then add the implant later when you have enough bone to work with.
  • For Missing Teeth: The implant allows your dentures, bridges, or crown to have something to clasp on from beneath your gums like natural teeth would. The complexity of the surgical procedure is also why a single implant costs so much.
  • Works Just Like Natural Teeth: The implant post supports the crown or denture in such a way that you won’t have to worry about dislodging it. Besides which, titanium is biocompatible with your soft tissues and jaw bone like a natural tooth root would.

What is the Dental Implant Post Made of?

Implants typically use bio-compatible material like titanium in order to have a strong yet lightweight post on your jaw. Thanks to this, they won’t corrode or cause infection when screwed into the jawbone.

The smaller yet sturdier compact posts of Straumann allow you bone-level implantation with better aesthetic outcomes when all is said and done. It’s also easier to heal a post of that size.

  • How Sturdy Is the Implant? It’s quite sturdy because implants are typically made of titanium. This material allows it to integrate with your jaw bone within only 3 to 6 months of healing. Additionally, it combines aesthetic and functional restoration superior to removable dentures.
  • Titanium’s Biocompatibility: Titanium is biocompatible with your jawbone and gums as well as soft tissue, fitting right into your jaw like a natural tooth. They can integrate with your jawbone within 3 to 6 months as you heal from the surgery.
  • Titanium’s Prosthetic Benefits: Prosthetics used for medical purposes are normally forged in titanium because of the material’s impressive strength while still remaining light—it’s like a combination of aluminum and steel. This is also why titanium is the default tooth implant post material.
  • Straumann Implants and Roxolid Material: By paying extra for Straumann implants, you can avail of a newer patented technology material known as Roxolid. The Roxolid implant posts combine zirconia ceramics and titanium material together to give you small-sized posts with comparable strength to standard titanium posts.

Stages of Dental Implant Surgery

On top of making the crown or dental bridge look and function like natural teeth, the implant post also keeps the neighboring tooth structure supported when push comes to shove.

Phase 1: Dental Implantation Surgery

The first phase of dental implant surgery is placing the dental implant into your jaw. This involves cutting through your gum and circular tissue to get to the tooth socket by which you’ll be screwing the post in.

  • Initial Consultation: You’ll consult with your dentist first on the best course of action in dealing with a tooth you’re about to lose. You might want to save it with a root canal treatment or extract it for dental implantation later.
  • Oral Examination: You’ll go through tests such as dental x-rays or an impression of your mouth taken on the first visit. This will allow your dentist to figure out how to go about implant placement moving forward.
  • Implant Placement: You’ll be placed under local anesthesia before placing the implant post on that empty tooth socket or row of missing teeth. It takes about 1-3 hours to cut through the gums and screw in the implant post to the bone.
  • Stitch off the Suture: The gum is then stitched back into place around the titanium or Roxolid post. This requires 1-2 weeks of healing after the surgery is done. You will now be prepped for phase 2 of the dental implant procedure.

Phase 2: Making the Dental Crown

The second phase involves putting in the false tooth or teeth (crowns, dentures, or bridges) over 1-4 posts or even All-on-6 or All-on-8 dental implant posts. The amount of posts depends on the severity of the tooth loss.

  • 2-3 Months After Surgery: This final restoration stage takes place 2-3 months after surgery for implant placement. This is where the abutment is placed on the implant to make the crown fit perfectly.
  • The Price Includes Crowns: The price estimate above includes the standard dental crown. You might have to pay for additional fees if you’re ordering ceramic or higher-standard crowns.
  • Extra Payments: The price above doesn’t include the mold impression, x-ray, medication, or other surgical procedures outside of the main implantation surgery. For example, bone grafting might be called for in some thinning jaws.
  • Some Include Phase 2 Immediately: Some dental implant treatments are same-day deals taking 30 minutes to 3 hours, particularly those with toothless jaws that require immediate function after implantation. The bridge is placed along with the implants at this point.

The Bottom Line

By availing of Thailand dental tourism for your implant needs, non-Thai or international clientele can get to enjoy low-cost dental care — including affordable dental implant price in Thailand — compared to most countries’ rates. Even when including travel fees, you’ll still save money.

It’s particularly expensive to keep up with dental care in the United States, especially in light of the current unstable state of the economy during the pandemic. Dental tourists will spend less on their implant price in Thailand, the Land of Smiles, a fact that could put a smile on their faces themselves.

Thantakit International Dental Center is Thailand’s longest established dental center. Situated in Bangkok, our clinic is renowned across the world as a destination for world-class dentistry, with most of our patients flying to us from Australia.

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