The Advantages and Disadvantages of Damon Speed Braces

Your confidence throughout the day is affected by your appearance. This is what pushes people to avail of braces. Short-term teasing and bullying over your appearance as a child (which is when braces are usually used) is worth it for long-term improvement of your permanent smile.  A healthy smile is one of the surefire ways you can improve your look since it’s usually the first thing people see.

What are Damon Speed Braces?

With that in mind, you can correct crooked teeth or a bad bite with special braces that aren’t as uncomfortable as “regular” orthodontics. Your alternative orthodontic option is finally here in the form of Damon braces.

  • Self-Ligating Appliances: Damon speed braces are braces that are developed to be self-ligating appliances. They’re fitted in the same manner as your typical metal braces. However, instead of possessing brackets that tighten and adjust your braces, these “speed” braces have a sliding mechanism instead that connect the wires to the brackets and allow them to move naturally with the teeth as they’re realigned. The benefits of this are tremendous!
  • Natural Movement Results in Easier Realignment: Old orthodontics devices look like things from a sci-fi horror show. The stereotypical pop culture braces, on the other hand, remain quite painful to deal with on your teeth, especially when it comes to cleanup (food gets easily stuck in braces, thus limiting your food choices). The natural movement of Damon speed braces makes them leaps and bounds more comfortable than your average braces.
  • Better Looking Braces: Braces are infamous for their ugliness. If there’s a way to make them more palatable to look at without paying an arm and a leg for it, you’ll probably take it. Damon speed braces speed up the process of realigning your teeth with its wire technology while at the same time looking a lot better. You don’t need to camouflage your braces if they look all right on your teeth.
  • Stronger Results at a Shorter Time: This is the bottom line of having Damon speed braces. It’s speedier or faster exactly because of the unique way it approaches dental realignment or orthodontics. Braces have evolved quite a bit through the years. Before, it looks like you have a bear trap stuck to your face. Later on, it makes you look nerdy. Nowadays, you won’t even notice them when you wear them!
  • Regarding that Unique Methodology: Damon speed braces work because it moves teeth in the right position in a more flexible manner that allows your mouth to acclimate to a changed bite without you suffering from the infamous pain you have to go through when wearing braces. Its memory wire that connects slide brackets make all the difference in lowering the pressure associated with traditional elastics for braces.
  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Ultimately, slow and steady wins the race. Instead of forcing a change onto your teeth and your bite that requires palatal expanders and tooth extractions, you can get straighter teeth with these particular braces through better acclimatization in your mouth. Don’t underestimate your body’s ability to change if given enough time.


Damon speed braces ironically deliver faster results when it comes to straightening and aligning your teeth by using flexible wire, gradually tightening the slide brackets, and giving your mouth enough leeway or breathing room to adapt rather than forcing the issue and making it harder and longer to get the straight teeth you want.

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