Dental Treatments for Kids at Thantakit International Dental Center

Dental Treatments for Kids at Thantakit International Dental Center

On top of children losing their milk teeth naturally, tooth decay can unnecessarily hasten their tooth loss, which could lead to them forming bad habits that could affect their permanent teeth as young to older adults. If you’re going to teach your child good dental habits, it’s better to start […]

10 Steps to Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist

The need for dental treatment has never been greater than today, with people losing their teeth more and more as time passes by.  Perhaps it’s because of the greater availability of sweets and tooth-decaying products that has forced this to happen. Maybe it’s because more and more people can’t afford […]

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

If you’re wondering how much dental implants cost, you’ve come across the right article. Many people wonder about dental implant prices because they don’t want to be gypped and they wish to get an affordable one that won’t break down or cause an infection down the line because their cheapness […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Damon Speed Braces

Your confidence throughout the day is affected by your appearance. This is what pushes people to avail of braces. Short-term teasing and bullying over your appearance as a child (which is when braces are usually used) is worth it for long-term improvement of your permanent smile.  A healthy smile is […]

Getting Dental Implants Abroad

A dental implant is a tooth replacement method for anyone that has already had his or her rotted permanent tooth extracted, leaving only an empty tooth socket in its place. Implants are better than dentures because they look and feel like real teeth. It’s a combination of an artificial crown […]

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