When Is Root Planing Needed?

When Is Root Planing Needed?

Don’t be upset when your dentist says that a dental cleaning is not enough to take care of your dental issues. No, your dentist isn’t trying to fleece money off of you by doing root planing when a perfectly good prophylaxis treatment would’ve sufficed. Few dentists ever recommended planing over […]

Dental Pain After Filling

Why does tooth pain occur after you’ve gotten filling for your dental caries or cavities? Actually, this is a surprisingly common thing. Usually, the dentist only fills in damage from your teeth if there’s no pain there or after the swelling from it has subsided (to avoid complications like an […]

The Causes of Toothache

Tooth decay is typically the main reason you have a toothache. However, that reason doesn’t cover all cases. This is why you should have a complete oral examination first in order to determine the cause of your aching tooth and learn what you need to do in order to address […]