Teeth Whitening Prices in Thailand

Teeth Whitening Prices in Thailand

Tooth or teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that you can do at home with certain products (like whitening strips or bleaching trays) or within the dentist office. In-office tooth whitening (also known as power whitening, professional whitening, power bleaching, and chair-side whitening) is typically done with the […]

Dental Crowns Prices in Thailand

A dental crown, like the crown of a king, is a cap that’s placed atop a tooth to hide its deformities or to protect it when it has been broken. As for tooth sockets with teeth that has already been extracted, you can insert a crown within the socket with […]

Tooth Removal Cost in Thailand

The final cost of tooth extraction depends on the type of tooth being extracted, the extensiveness of the surgery required, the number of teeth to be pulled, the type of sedation or anesthesia needed, and your state of oral health. Cutting to the chase, the tooth removal cost in Thailand […]